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What is RMO Hats for Kids Project?

Rocky Mountain Outback (RMO) Hats for Kids Project is a sun protection education program aimed at kids K-8th grade and their parents. The RMO Hats for Kids Project highlights the need to wear wide brim sun hats when outdoors. The goal is to help the community recognize the dangers of long term sun exposure in children and how just a few easy sun prevention measures, such as wearing a wide brim hat and long sleeve shirt, can significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer later in life. The RMO Hats for Kids Project is funded through a portion of proceeds from every hat sold on our website

A Call to Action
The Hats for Kids Project was created by an obvious observation. Rocky Mountain Outback's office and warehouse are located directly across from an elementary school in Denver, Colorado where the sun shines brightly over 300 days a year and harmful UV Rays are abundant. Each day we watch hundreds of kids walk to and from school, play out in the sun and participate in sports without wearing a sun protection hat. These activities, without proper sun protection, expose children to harmful UV radiation at an early age, the age when sun protection is critical for children. After months of watching in frustration and thinking "why don't these kids have a sun hat on?" a light went off - "we have sun hats and these kids need to be wearing a sun hat, let's do something". We decided to take action. Modeled after a program in Australia and New Zealand, where it's mandatory for school children to wear a wide brim tilley hat, we decided to provide kids here in the United States with free sun hats and fishing hats for all their outdoor activities. 

How the Project Works "Buy One - Give One"
When a purchase is made of any hat for adults or children on, a wide brim sun hat will be given to a school age child in K-8th grade. The sun hats provide essential protection from the sun and have easy to follow sun protection tips printed on the inside as a daily sun protection reminder.

Every person that purchases a hat here at RMO Hats is giving the gift of sun protection to a child!

How are RMO's Free Sun Hats Distributed?
Many organizations already have sun protection curricula and simply need a source for sun hats to accompany the education. RMO's hat donation provides the first step of defense in outdoor sun protection.

Schools, youth organizations and sports leagues employing sun protection education curricula, with children K-8th grades, are eligible to receive free sun hats. The selection and fulfillment of recipient organizations is ongoing and may involve participation through the current RMO Hats for Kids Project Promotion. Letters of request are welcome from all organizations and must include the following: Name of organization, age group of children, description of Sun Protection Education curricula, participation level in the Environmental Protection Agency SunWise School Program, location of organization, organization contact information, a brief explanation of why the organization should receive free sun hats, and how many children you are requesting to receive sun hats. Send your request document to Requests are reviewed by the RMO Hats for Kids Project Request Committee and selected recipient organizations will be contacted for fulfillment.

RMO's Wide Brim Sun Hat Donation
The giveaway sun hats, distributed to school age children K-8 grades, are wide brim with a protective mesh crown for breathability and have sun protection tips printed inside. The sun hats are designed to be an easy companion for all outdoor activities including hiking, field trips and sports activities. It easily folds to fit in your pocket and is washable.